Our Story


We believe that food has the power to transform your life. Our juice provides your body with the vital nutrients it needs to maintain optimal health. We at JUICE TO YOU press our juices right before delivering them straight to your door.

JUICE TO YOU was created after co-founder Charlie Gulick was diagnosed with a rare liver disease after traveling in Central America. His doctors told him that he would eventually have to have a liver transplant. After countless unsuccessful surgeries in attempt to manage his disease, Charlie came across a world-renowned health institute where he immersed himself with a holistic approach to his health. Charlie was placed on a strict regimen of juices, raw and vegan foods and treatments. He returned to the Bay Area and continued to maintain this new lifestyle. Charlie transformed his health and regained his strength, symptom free. Upon his return from the institute his family became his greatest support and they too benefited from his transformation. Drinking fresh organic juices daily was Charlie’s protocol for his health. It’s been six years and Charlie has not stepped foot into an operating room. While still monitoring his health, he has more energy than ever and feels great.

Our vision at JUICE TO YOU is to provide people with the highest quality products to support a healthy active lifestyle.

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